Our history

Confalonieri’s history started in 1897 when Mr Confalonieri’s grandfather opened a typography in Chiavenna, a little village surrounded by the Alps very closed to the Swiss border, just one hour away by car from Milan. In 1969 Elisabetta Gallese (Luca Confalonieri’s mother), inspired by the new Italian lifestyle, decided to start producing cosmetic pencils also. Under the direction of her son Luca Confalonieri, the Company changed its core business from school stuff to wooden make-up pencils and it started supplying the most known Italian brands.
Nowadays, Confalonieri Matite looks at the future accompanied by original and innovative ideas and a new company organization able to offer the market a wide range of textures 100% MADE IN ITALY that can meet all customers’ requests.

It’s hard for me to talk about you, to talk about your life, dear mother.

I was a child. I remember the many people who greeted you with admiration, with extreme politeness and calling you respectfully “Donna Elisabetta”. And then I remember your stories about the rallies that you took part in in your youth or when, with skis on your feet, you were pulled along by a car on the winding road that ran beside Maloja.

I remember the wonderful house in Via Cappuccini that you had planned, designed and furnished. You taught me how to draw and to appreciate painting. With dad you lovingly taught me to be honest and appreciate work; but you also supported my fantasies, my dreams. Thanks to the Company you desired and that bears the name of our family, today we enhance the faces of so many women in the world just as artists have embodied the beauty of the world’s landscapes in their canvases.

Luca Confalonieri

Our surroundings


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04Mountain Community Valchiavenna