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Inspiration, trends, colours. For Confalonieri a look – the connection with the external world – is always a point of focus. Sophisticated, defined, deep and intense, soft, fresh, or natural… The desire to experiment has no limits in order to offer the best possible solutions. It was with this idea in mind that we formulated and produced our eye pencils. Feel free to dare, all Confalonieri textures are tested and certified.


Eyeliner and kajal pencil 
CONFALONIERI’s eyeliner and kajal pencil make the eyes more intense. Very soft and with a defined and decisive stroke, it is especially suitable for those who always want to keep their eyes in the foreground. Many formulas to choose from.

Eyeshadow pencil
Our eyeshadow pencils are the ultimate asset for perfect make-up. These extremely soft and highly blendable eyeshadows are very easy to apply. Customisable like all our products, they come in an unlimited range of colours.

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matita occhi dip deep

DIP DEEP, Dive into colours

One pencil, three effects, all the looks you can think of: say hello to Dip Deep, the new Confalonieri pencil that can be blended, used as an eyeliner or turned into a watercolour effect. Dip Deep rewrites the idea of makeup pencil with a wet&dry texture suitable for many different results, from a minimal makeup to editorial looks. The formula is vegan and gentle on the skin, in two timeless colours: black and brown.

When used dry, Dip Deep has an intense and blendable stroke, perfect to outline the eye or to create a shade of colour. It’s a classic eye contour/kajal pencil, suitable for minimal looks or as an element of a special makeup. The formula has a very high percentage of pigments, in a medium-hard extruded texture with a lot of high melting raw materials. The result is a strong and blendable colour, with excellent resistance to temperature.

Dipping the tip of the pencil in the water you can enhance the colour release, making the texture a bit smoother. Dip Deep then becomes an eyeliner, with an intense and precise stroke that can be used by itself or combined with the dry of the pencil. The colour release is extraordinary and the pencil keeps a great resistance to temperature.

Matita queen of colors


Our black queen, the Dark Queen eye pencil, dresses the colors of energy becoming a precious ally for eyes and now also for lips. The new Queen of Colours boasts a really winning formula that guarantees a precise and uniform stroke, while being easy to blend, to give energy and depth to the look as well as to outline the lip contour. The new Queen of Colours guarantees a long seal – 24 hours for the eyes and 8 hours for the lips – is vegan and COSMOS certificable.

Matite occhi dark queen


Black is the colour of mystery, elegance and also simplicity. We never tire of black, and it never goes out of fashion. Always, the difference lies in the quality.

Black eyeliner pencils are perhaps the most widespread make-up item in the world. With Dark Queen, Confalonieri creates a new landmark in the genre.

The perfect combination for a semi-hard formula that guarantees a precise, even line to maximise the power of a look, making it intense and magnetic. Easy to blend. This little gem can be certified COSMOS and vegan.

Bee Line matita occhi


Bee line: intense colour and depth, protection for the skin. The new Confalonieri products are based on natural raw materials, for a complete range of pencils for eyes, lips and eyebrows containing high-quality beeswax.

We make the most of all its properties for a series of versatile pencils that are simple to use and give long-lasting results. Not forgetting ethics and sustainability.

Bee Line consists of two lip pencils, two eye pencils and an eyebrow pencil. The eye pencils are extremely fluid and easy to blend. So it’s simple and quick to create your look, while the ultra-pearly colours make them perfect for eye shadow too.


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