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Endless textures and colours to love, define, emphasize, and take care of all different kinds of lips at any time of the day. Our lip pencils are made with natural and controlled ingredients, the result of constant research into innovative solutions that can guarantee an intense and long-lasting effect. Running a pencil on your lips is a simple gesture but it can change your day. For over fifty years Confalonieri has been dressing smiles with love and passion for things well done.


Lip contour pencil: in coloured tones and transparent
The perfect lip liner for creating a flawless lip contour, emphasising the upper lip arch, preventing lipstick and gloss from smudging, or helping natural lips to appear fuller and plumper. Available both in coloured tones and transparent, for the perfect look!

Lipstick pencil
Our lipstick pencil, when applied within the contour and on the lips, creates a waxy base for easier application of lipstick.

Lip gloss pencil
The CONFALONIERI MATITE lip gloss pencil has a formula similar to a lip gloss, with an extremely comfortable texture. Ideal for giving full, brilliant colour to your lips, with an extra-luminous effect and easy application.

Lip balm pencil
Nourishes, plumps, moisturises and soothes thanks to the high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid. When make-up also becomes skincare. Great on its own or as a base for lipstick.

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matita labbra nuda

NUDA, Natural and flawless

Nuda is our new line of lipstick pencils with a palette of natural hues suitable for all complexions, in a long-lasting texture that’s gentle on the skin and easy to use. Its shades emphasize and define the beauty of the lips in a natural way, thanks to the matte effect and the high quality ingredients.

Easy to apply and blend, Nuda pencils are long-lasting (tested!) and don’t smudge: with this combination of texture and pigment content, with a few gestures you can calibrate the color intensity and get the exact effect you want. The matte finish comes with a sprinkle of spherical silica, to obtain a “soft focus” effect.

The formula created for Nuda treats the skin well, with a combination high quality ingredients: coconut oil nourishes the skin, prevents dehydration and soothes irritation or chapping, while vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol protect against oxidative stress and photo-aging.

Nuda pencils are skin friendly and respect the planet: the formula is 100% vegan, certifiable NatrueCCPB and Cosmos Organic. The pencils con be made with PEFC certified wood, as all of our products.

matite labbra lip balms


Our Lip Balm pencils are a distillation of study and research, their formula perfected by the R&D team at Confalonieri Matite.

The goal: soft lips with a slight gloss effect. Confalonieri LIp Balms are entirely Made in Italy, certified by Cosmos Organic and available in several flavours.

And flavour is precisely the focus of our create together project. Find the perfect flavour for your product!

matite labbra lip gloss


In Italian there’s a well-known expression for something that’s really well-made.

And our “al bacio” lip gloss pencils are beautifully made. Pure gloss, concentrated in a soft, creamy inner that dresses the lips in a moment.

The pleasant texture fluidly coats the lips, instantly moisturising and adding shine. And the brilliant colour… the end result is a perfect mouth.

Kisses Made in Italy, for real.


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