Accessories: how to make your pencil more than a pencil

Accessories: how to make your pencil more than a pencil

If you’re looking for a make up pencil that’s 100% customised and 100% unique, we have the perfect solution: our new patented accessories for our wooden pencils. You can apply different accessories to every pencil, for lips, eyes, face or eyebrows. A detail can make a difference: together we can create an unique product, perfect for your private label lines and tailored to your customers’ preferences.

This new entry in our accessories range is made up of three fully customizable elements: a pencil cap that’s patented, safe and flexible.

Let’s start with the base: which colour do you prefer? We can choose from a wide range of hues, close to the colour of the pencil or contrasting, to mark a special feature of your private label line. 

Second step, the accessory: mascara brushes, latex grommets, eyebrow brushes, precision brushes for eyes and lips… For every type of pencil – eyebrows, lips, eyes, face – we have created different elements: some are built-in with the caps, others can be attached on the pencil. You choose!

Which cap do you need? It can be transparent, coloured, metallic, matching or contrasting the colour of the base. 

Our team will work with you throughout the whole process, to create a solution that fits like a tailor-made dress. Every project in Confalonieri is a co-creation process: we’ll build an unique product together, with your ideas and our knowledge, experience and creativity. 

Write an email to to choose and customize your lines: we’re ready to show you the whole accessories range and start a project with you! 

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