Make up your pencil: Colibrì, a line designed by consumers

Make up your pencil: Colibrì, a line designed by consumers

Are these raw materials sustainable and certified? Is the formula vegan? How does it work on sensitive skin? We get these questions from our clients more and more often: that’s why we’ve created a line of wooden makeup pencils that fits all these needs, with an innovative formula studied for the most informed consumers. Colibrì (Italian for hummingbird) is our most complete line so far: blush, highlighter, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrows, lip contouring, lipstick, all wooden pencils with a new formula that meets the priorities of the current market. 

Quality is still a key factor, but other elements get more and more relevant: sustainability, raw materials, performance in different conditions, attention to sensitive skin. Is it difficult to blend them all in one formula? Of course it is, but complex challenges are the most interesting for us at Confalonieri.

One line, many features

The Colibrì line introduces a new formula in our collection of wooden makeup pencils. A special one indeed: the formula is 

  • certifiable by Cosmos Organic
  • certifiable by Natrue
  • certifiable by CCPB
  • tested under dermatological control on volunteers with sensitive skin
  • tested under ophthalmologic control on volunteers with sensitive eyes, wearing contact lenses 

and provides a texture that works perfectly in very diverse conditions. 

How? For the other makeup pencils we use only RSPO certified palm oil, for Colibrì we made an entirely different choice: no palm oil at all, let’s test other raw materials. 
Our R&D department studied various solutions, then we selected jojoba as an alternative to the more “usual” coconut. By using jojoba oil and wax we can get a more stable formula, preventing any problem that might ensue from the combination of different raw materials. With this solution we’re also able to simplify the INCI: every client can customise an entire makeup line with the same strong points. 

Don’t fear the heat

Colibrì pencils have a creamy texture and are very rich in pigments: the pencil slides perfectly and writes very well in every condition. We combine jojoba oil and wax with high-melting waxes, all plant based. These waxes make our Colibrì pencil extremely resistant to high temperatures: heat doesn’t ruin Colibrì pencils during shipping or in storage and the products can be applied perfectly in every condition.

Makeup and skincare 

Jojoba oil and wax are soothing and moisturizing, while the anti-oxidant Gamma Oryzanol protects the skin from photoaging and oxidative stress. In short, makeup pencils focused on looks and on skincare.
Obviously the entire Colibrì line is 100% customisable, always starting from PEFC certified wood. If you’d like to discover how we build a project with our customers, get in touch with us at we’ll schedule an appointment or a tour of our facilities in Gordona.

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