Our cast for Cosmoprof: keep an eye on these new pencils!

Il cast per Cosmoprof: ecco le nuove matite

Hi-tech solutions and classic products revised in a contemporary style: during Cosmoprof, like every year, we will showcase the latest products by Confalonieri Cosmetics, always wooden pencils, always 100% made in Italy. For us Cosmoprof is always a perfect opportunity for the debut of new products: this year we have revised some classic make-up pencils and developed some exciting novelties. It’s a matter of hours for the opening: let’s see our cast for this 2024 trade show.

Dip Deep: dive into colours

A classic eye pencil, an eyeliner, a watercolour tint for creative looks: Dip Deep combines three functions in one pencil, thanks to a wet&dry formula with a high percentage of pigments. When used dry, Dip Deep is a classic eye contour/kajal pencil, easy to apply and blend. Dipping the tip in water enhances the colour release, creating an eyeliner effect, but the pencil can also be used as a water-soluble crayon: one pencil, all the looks you can think of.

WaterWood, wooden & waterproof

The first waterproof eyeliner pencil that’s made of wood: with WaterWood we’ve created a pencil packed with innovative solutions to obtain a product that previously was basically impractical. WaterWood is water resistant and certified long-lasting up to 24 hours, thanks to a formula that combines isododecane and a resin to make colour settle on the skin. Stable and suitable for long-term storage, it doubles as a mascara with a special pull-out brush: you have to see it for yourself!

Brow Boost: turn up the volume!

Volumised, full and well-defined eyebrows with a simple pencil stroke: Brow Boost contains minute natural fibers that give a surprising volume effect, with a vegan formula that’s gentle on the skin. We used cellulose-based fibers incorporated in a smooth and creamy texture, pleasant on the skin. With Brow Boost you can achieve your favourite look in just a few seconds, be it a natural effect or part of a full glam: grab a pencil and turn up the volume on the eyebrows!

Linea, graphic line and intense colour

Rigid texture and a high content of pigments for long-lasting colours. Linea is our new range of pencils for eyes, lips and eyebrows with a clean and precise line: a 2024-style take on a classic make-up pencil. From a rigid all-over texture we developed the range: brown for the eyebrows, antique pink for the lip liner and black for the eyes, plus an all-over version in burgundy for the most creative looks. All long-lasting certified (up to 12 or 16 hours, depending on the type), with a soothing formula that can be certified with Natrue, CCPB and Cosmos Organic.

PH Magic Pencil, unique as you are

A lipstick that immediately becomes your lipstick. PH Magic Pencil is a lip shade with a ph reagent formula, a pencil that creates a different colour for each person. When you apply it PH Magic Pencil is transparent, then in a few seconds the formula reacts and creates a shade that depends on the ph of the skin: from fuchsia to cyclamen, from soft pink to intense hues, the result is unique as the person wearing it, with a long-lasting tint in a nourishing formula.

Ready to discover the novelties and the classic pencils of Confalonieri Cosmetics? We’ll see you at Cosmoprof, hall 15, stand A5: we can’t wait!

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