Double Soul: one pencil, two effects

Double Soul: one pencil, two effects

Double Soul: one pencil, two tips, many different effects. Our new product fits two eyebrow pencils in one: a pencil with a powdery finish, plus one with a sharp mark. With a single gesture you can change your look and pick your favourite style, to keep pace with a busy day or to follow your mood.

Soft focus, light colour

One of the leads has a soft and lightweight texture, easy to blend, with a low percentage of pigments. A single stroke is enough to shape and volumize the eyebrows with a powdery and natural effect, emphasizing the eyes. You can get a bolder look as well: it’s easy to modulate the colour intensity, because the texture and the light pigmentation allow to get mild or strong hues.

This first “soul” in Double Soul is made with a vegan formula created for a natural finish. It contains silica for a soft focus and a powdery effect, natural waxes with different melting points for a creamy texture, light ester with a dry touch that softens and smoothes the skin, light oil with a non-greasy and dry touch, and tocopherol with its antioxidant properties.

Sharp and long-lasting

The other end of Double Soul has a medium-hard lead with a precise stroke. This “soul” is created to shape and define the eyebrows with a long-lasting sharp mark, perfect to draw the arch.

This lead has a vegan formula (Natrue and CCPB certifiable) and a stroke that’s precise and easy to blend. The ingredients guarantee a long-lasting effect, flawless but gentle on the skin: organic coconut oil that nourishes the skin, prevents dehydration, soothes dryness and inflammation, strengthens the eyebrows, and gamma oryzanol that protects the skin from photoaging and oxidative stres with its antioxidant properties. We’ve added emollients to soothe the skin and a right amount of hydrogenated vegetable oil that makes the texture creamy and prevents the blooming effect, helping optimum conservation.

Both formulas are dermatologically tested. The precision lead is long-lasting tested up to 8 ours.

Colours and customisation

Double Soul is available in blonde and brown. Our R&D team can customise the product according to your requirements: step by step, together we can choose the combination of details and finishing that makes a Double Soul your Double Soul.
Write to to get more information and to start your tailor-made project.

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