Fancy a blush? Say hello to our chubby pencils!

Fancy a blush?

Blushes are a staple for every make up collection: say hello to our new blush chubby pencils, 9×15.50 mm pencils with a special texture. Why should you put your brand on them? Well, let’s start with these 5 very good reasons!

  • For these new blush pencils we created three colors with a different undertone, to suit every complexion. The result is a bonne mine effect, for every skin.
  • Our new chubby pencils are very easy to blend and mix, thanks to their special texture and the pencil shape. They’re ideal for expert and “beginners”: you can create unique effects or get a glowing look even if your technique isn’t flawless yet.
  • This new formula has a low pigment content: it’s easier to create light and sophisticated shades or bold and colorful looks.
  • Vegan formula, perfect for consumers who pay attention to quality and ethics.
  • We’ve selected the ingredients very carefully: natural waxes to give structure and creaminess to the texture, very light, dry-touch esters that soften and smoothe the skin, Tocopherol and non-greasy oil with a dry touch.

The new blush pencils can be blended with our illuminating concealers – jumbo pencils, of course: if you want to learn more about our different lines and customization options, just drop a line to

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