Hyaluronic acid: we passed the water test!

Acido ialuronico, la prova dell’acqua: superata!

Hyaluronic acid can be found in serums, creams and lotions. Obvious, isn’t it? Well, not quite. Good percentages of hyaluronic acid don’t sit well with anhydrous formulas, like the ones we use in our make up pencils, but at Confalonieri we love an interesting challenge. That’s why we’ve created a new pencil collection with hyaluronic acid: wooden pencils, 100% customisable, made in Italy for real, as usual… but this formula is a whole new chapter in our work.

Our goal: pencils that hydrate, without losing balance

As is known, our body naturally develops hyaluronic acid, but aging reduces its concentration in our tissues. The cosmetic industry has created many different solutions to “add” it and hydrate the skin, but finding the right formula for some products is really tricky. 

The problem with hyaluronic acid is precisely its most important (and known) feature, the power to retain water that helps hydrating our skin. In other words: it’s hydrophilic and therefore not very compatible with anhydrous formulations. A high percentage can affect the stability of these formulas, damaging preservation and performance of the product, say make up pencils.

Obviously this issue doesn’t affect serums, lotions and creams: the formula is water-based, so it’s easier to add significant concentrations of hyaluronic acid. Anhydrous cosmetics, on the other hand, usually include only small percentages to avoid incompatibility with the formulation.

Hyaluronic acid and technology

We didn’t want to settle for an easy solution for our new make up pencils collection, though. We used an innovative technology to increase the percentage of hyaluronic acid in the pencil lead, to take advantage of its great hydrating properties: we incorporated HA microspheres into the formula. The result is a make up pencil with zero stability issues and a good hydrating effect: with these pencils, make up becomes a part of skincare.

Numbers don’t lie: 0.45% of the total formula is hyaluronic acid, in the entire collection. 

If you’re intrigued, we’re launching the new collection at Cosmoprof, April 28th to May 1st: you can meet us at Hall 15, booth A5. Don’t want to wait? You can download an exclusive premiere: take a look and get in touch with us to schedule a meeting. See you in Bologna!

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