Illuminating concealers? Yes, please! 4 reasons why

Illuminating concealers are a must-have

Illuminating concealers will be a staple of 2022 make up collections. They’re practical, versatile, perfect for a fancy look or a last minute make-up. We’re talking about jumbo pencils, of course: here are 4 good reasons to have illuminating concealers in your 2022 make up collection.

  1. Our illuminating concealers suit every skin type and every complexion. With different hues, everyone can choose their favorite tone, to give their faces a new freshness every day.
  2. With an illuminating concealer you can get a flawless look even if you’re in a rush. When you don’t have time to create an elaborate make-up, with this product in a few minutes you’ll get a neat and bright look. Illuminating concealers are perfect for every lifestyle’s needs: you might be in a hurry, but you’ll always be stylish.
  3. Using jumbo pencils is very simple: our illuminating concealers are easy to apply, even for “beginners”. The texture is soft and creamy, perfect for different effects: a light stroke can easily cover small blemishes, while a more generous application ensures maximum coverage.
  4. This product is focused on skincare. How? The formula is rich in coconut oil: it nourishes your skin in depth, prevents dehydration, and soothes cracks.

Our product range includes “classic” concealers, of course, with many hues to mask every imperfection. All products are pencils or jumbo pencils and can be customised in every detail.

If you want to know more, please get in touch at we’ll be happy to go into depth on the matter!

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