Lips, eyes, eyebrows: a Linea to design your makeup

Labbra, occhi, sopracciglia: una Linea, tre funzioni

One texture, four colors, a perfect line for the key features of the face. Linea is Confalonieri’s new pencil with a firm texture, a high percentage of pigments and a long-lasting effect: from a perfectly balanced formula we’ve developed a lip liner, an eye pencil and an eyebrow pencil, plus an all over version.

Brown for the eyebrows

For the eyebrows Linea is made in brown shade, certified long-lasting up to 12 hours. The firm texture gives the pencil a precise and clean stroke, while its high percentage of pigments makes Linea easy to apply and to manage: you can define the eyebrow in a single application, using sharp lines or blending the colour to create the effect you’re looking for.

Deep black for the eyes

On the eyes Linea is perfect for a precise and graphic outline or to create a shade for a smokey eyes effect: the colour is a deep black, truly timeless. The firm texture is highly pigmented, therefore Linea writes an intense and clean stroke, easy to blend when you want to create a gradient effect. The formula is long-lasting, certified up to 16 hours.

Dusty pink for the lips

The Linea lip pencil has a uniform and intense line, certified long-lasting up to 16 hours: the firm texture prevents smudging, keeping the lip liner smooth and clean. The pencil has a matte finish in a dusty pink hue: like the others, it has a high percentage of pigments, to create a full and defined contour.

All-over in burgundy

For Linea we’ve picked classic colours, but we’ve decided to create a special hue, a wildcard. It’s an all-over pencil in burgundy: the pigments in this texture are FDA compliant for both the lips and the eyes area. This Linea pencil can be used as a lip liner in a classic strong shade, as an eye pencil for a unique and intense effect, or to focus on the eyebrows for an extravagant look.

Green and gentle on the skin

No matter the colour, the formula of Linea is “green”, since it can be certified with Natrue, CCPB and Cosmos Organic. The texture is built around soothing ingredients, gentle on the skin: Linea contains coconut oil that nourishes the skin, prevents dehydration and works as a balm with a soothing effect against cracking and inflammation. Vitamin E and Gamma oryzanol protect against oxidative stress and photoaging, while spherical silica gives a matte finish and a soft focus effect.

How would you like to customise Linea? If you’re ready to discover our co-creation system, you can write to

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