Long lasting: with our Queen, colour is here to stay

Long lasting: con la nuova Queen il colore è qui per restare

Long lasting on eyes and lips: with our new pencils, colour is here to stay. We named it Queen of Colours and it’s already a hint… but we didn’t stop at the tests in our lab. The new pencils (developed from our Dark Queen) are certified: long lasting up to 24 hours for the eye pencil and 8 hours for the lip pencil, with a vegan formula you can certify with Cosmos.

Tested at the lab and in use

We commissioned a specialised company to check the performances of the new pencils with a test “in use” by a group of people, with detailed questionnaires to evaluate the product. The result was very good: Queen of Colours eye pencils are certified long lasting up to 24 hours, the lip pencils up to 8 hours.

The certification confirmed our predictions after the tests we carried out during the development: Queen of Colours is designed to bring all the energy of color in everyday make-up or creative looks, without worrying about time.

Full colour, uncompromised

For the Queen of Colours pencils we focused on depth and duration, working on the formula we’ve developed for our Dark Queen eye pencil. We created a medium-hard formula that combines a strong writing effect, ease of use and an impeccable hold over time, like our black pencil but in a wide range of shades for eyes and lips.

The stroke is precise and uniform, so in a few moments you can emphasize the look or outline the lips with an intense and long lasting color, using soft tones or glam shades. We can draw from our vast color collection for eyes, lips and face.

With its well-calibrated formula, the Queen of Colours is easy to apply and to blend. It’s simple to obtain an intense look or a softer effect, using a single product for different styles.

Pop and colourful, inside and out

Visitors to Cosmoprof really liked the Queen of Colours, with its energetic colours and its pop-style finishing. As for all our lines, Queen of Colours can become your pencil: Confalonieri products are fully customisable, in a co-creation process to design lines that are tailor-made to meet your requirements.
How? Write to commercial@confaloniericosmetica.com to learn more!

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