Pearl: all over, it brings light to the skin

Pearl: all over, it brings light to the skin

Light all over, on your skin. Our new Pearl pencil are highlighters that turn natural mica into pearls that catch and reflect light in a unique fashion. On your whole face: this pencils can be used all over without restrictions.

Wood and… light

Pearl follows our tradition: it’s a line of wooden pencils, made from responsibly sourced material. The formula uses a traditional ingredient, natural mica, but it’s processed with a new procedure that enhances its highlighting effect.

The new pearls included in the formulation are developed with a particular technology that makes them incredibly transparent and, therefore, reflective, without the typical white patina of natural mica. Plus they’re Cosmos certified!

With this procedure, the white patina doesn’t dull the reflective effect: the texture has a very strong highlighting finish and guarantees color intensity, brilliance and vivacity for a natural yet sophisticated result.

A formula for all complexions

We developed six different shades for Pearl pencils, creating a highlighter that works well for every skin tone. This formula is palm oil free, soothing, non-greasy and quickly absorbed, leaving a touch of light on the skin. We included ingredients that help fight photo-aging and oxidative stress, in a heat-resistant texture that guarantees a steady colour release.

Pearl pencils are all-over: we selected ingredients and pigments for a multi-purpose usage on different areas, complying with different legislations about eyes/face/lips products.

All over, from the start

Creating a highlighter that’s suitable for eyes and lips is quite the task, since an all over formula is subject to legislative limits, relating to the rules of each country, and to technical requirements regarding pigments and their certifications.

We developed Pearl pencils to meet these standards, but all of Confalonieri products can be “all over”: in our co-creation process, the R&D team can customise every formula to meet the clients’ needs, selecting specific pigments for this kind of usage.

Write to if you need more information: Pearl and the others can become your pencils, like a tailor-made dress.

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