Think Greener, the beauty of sustainability

Think Greener: the beauty of sustainability

Think greener, every day more: Think Greener by Confalonieri Matite has been designed under the sign of sustainability, from the choice of raw materials to the composition of the formulas. Nature has always been the first inspiration in the search for beauty, for all of us: a beauty to be respected and protected, with everyone doing their part. That’s why we have created a new line that combines product quality and attention to the environment, at all stages of production from raw materials to cosmetics.

Think Greener offers six different products, all with Confalonieri’s guaranteed quality and an extremely wide range of customisation options, as is tradition.

Which ones?

  • 7.5 mm lip liner
  • and lipstick with a 10.5 mm jumbo pencil,
  • eyeliner and eye shadow (also in jumbo pencil format),
  • illuminating pencil and blusher in two sizes: 10.5 or 15.5 mm.

The shades are inspired by the colours of nature, with 100% vegan formulas and certified Cosmos organic. For Think Greener, we have designed a texture rich in emollients, with organic coconut oil, vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol: formulas that are gentle on the skin and very rich in pigments, long-lasting and heat-resistant. The raw materials used are 100% natural, with 21 to 30% organic ingredients depending on the product.

What’s more, the shaft of Think Greener pencils is made of PEFC-certified wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests and traceable at all stages of production, from origin to our laboratories. The caps are made of fully recyclable plastic.

For technical details and customisation specifications please contact us at

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