Bee Line, all the colour of nature

Bee Line, all the colour of nature

Bee Line: beeswax, deep colour, protection for the skin. Our new product is based on a natural raw material, for a complete line – lip, eye and eyebrows pencils – with high quality organic beeswax. A deep and intense colour release, smoothness, a creamy texture: with our Bee Line we use all of the properties of beeswax to create a series of make-up pencils that are versatile, easy to use and long-lasting. Not to mention sustainability and ethics: for Bee Line we use certified beeswax from a supplier that supports co-operation projects in Africa.

Simple but versatile

Bee Line consists of two lip pencils, two eye pencils and one eyebrow pencil. With their soft texture, the lip pencils double as lip contour and lipstick. The eye pencils are fluid and easy to blend: the make-up is easy and fast, while their ultra-pearly colours are ideal to use as eyeshadow as well.

Beeswax, a unique ingredient

Our Bee Line pencils have a special texture thanks to organic beeswax: its chemical structure is similar to the skin and forms a protective film when applied. Formulators often replace this excellent natural raw material with vegan ingredients, natural or synthetic, but these materials don’t guarantee the same plasticity of the texture. Other substitutes are petroleum-based materials, scarcely alike to the skin and different from the idea of a natural ingredient.

Benefits for the texture

Beeswax acts as a stabilizer in our formula: its gummy consistency modulates the viscosity of the bulk and its relatively low melting point makes for a very creamy texture.
Natural ingredients can make formulation a bit more complicated compared to synthetic raw materials. You may need some precautions when deciding the right combination and conservation can get trickier, but with a meticulous formulation we were able to make the most of all the properties of beeswax.

Benefits for the skin

Beeswax has a lot of interesting properties: that’s way our Bee Line is an example of make-up that takes care of the skin. Products containing beeswax form a kind of barrier or film on the epidermis, preventing excessive moisture loss and protecting the skin from harmful external agents. Cosmetics containing beeswax have a protective effect and are water-resistant. Moreover, the chemical and physical structure of beeswax makes it soothing and moisturising.

Quality is certified

The beeswax we use for our Bee Line is Cosmos and Natrue certified, is Kosher and Halal and meets the requirements for renewable and sustainable resources.
We added rice bran wax, to thicken and stabilise the formula with its high melting point, and HEPTYL UNDECLYNATE, an emollient derived from castor-oil, very light, that helps make the skin soft and elastic. For every ingredient we guarantee high quality and a careful choice of suppliers.

Respect the environment, respect people

For our Bee Line we selected a supplier of beeswax that guarantees great attention to sustainability, both environmental and social. Kahlwax has a strict protocol about environmental-, human rights-, employment- and social standards in the supply chain. This company also supports a co-operation project in Uganda, MORE-Honey, created by the Ngo Self Help Africa with local beekeepers. Approximately 1.5 million households in Uganda derive their income from beekeeping: MORE-Honey focuses on increasing the income of 2.000 small farmers, helping them with their professional development and giving access to markets with a competitive price for the products.

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