Cold-proof pencils: perfect look, protected skin

Cold-proof pencils: perfect look, protected skin

During winter our skin needs a bit of pampering. Face creams and body lotions guarantee results, but make-up can play its part in hydrating the skin and protecting it from the cold. With the right ingredients and a balanced texture, we’re able to create make-up pencils that take care of your skin, not just of your looks.

Skincare allies

Face creams and body lotions play the main role in protecting our skin during winter: these products contain water and are instantly hydrating. Some creams also contain active ingredients that enhance this protecting effect.
It’s harder to get these results with anhydrous products (without water, like our pencils), but with the right raw materials and active ingredients our make-up pencils can contribute to skincare, while creating flawless looks during the cold season.
Some ingredients have protecting properties, others can “capture” the humidity from the environment and transfer it on the skin, others help the skin keep its natural hydration, preventing the dryness created by external agents.

It’s cold outside

The sensation of cold on the skin may seem temporary, but in the long run low temperatures can damage the skin deeply. When it’s cold, the blood vessels constrict, the oxygenation of tissues decreases and the skin gets dull and dry. In low temperatures the skin gets less supple, because its hydrolipidic film changes. It’s something you see immediately with redness, usually on the nose and cheeks. Neglecting these external aggression can promote premature aging.

People living in an urban environment have another “enemy”: particulates. Fine dust sets down on the skin damaging its defence and self-repair systems.

Ingredients and texture: a shield

In our formulas we often use ingredients with a protecting and hydrating effect, especially beneficial in low temperatures.
Some examples? Vitamin E, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, cocoa butter.
Choosing the right texture is important as well. Very soft textures are perfect in cold weather: rich in oils, they allow you to create a great make-up without drying the skin.

Below zero? Here’s a list of perfect pencils

We’ve outlined the characteristics of the best make-up pencils for cold days: many products in our lines fit this description to a t.
Let’s see. NMO and NML are perfect as eyeliner and lip liner because of their soft texture. NME pencils are ideal as concealer or eyeshadow, while on the lips you can choose our NMR lipstick pencils: all these products have very creamy and soft textures, rich in oil, so they’re easy to use in cold weather without drying the skin.

If you want to create a fully customised cold-proof line, our team is ready to start a project with you! You can write to to start a conversation or to make an appointment. We’ll be at trade shows soon, keep an eye on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages…

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