Warm, cool, bold, natural: the colour is right

Warm, cool, bold, natural: the colour is right

In a range of over 5,000 make-up colours, how do we choose the shades for every new product? Selecting the colours for our lines is as interesting a challenge as developing new formulas: the choice has to do with fashion and trends, but above all with the more artistic aspects of make-up, like colour theory.

You can create the perfect palette by matching the technical requirements with the effect you want to achieve, keeping in mind that make-up must look good on different complexions. We choose the most suitable pigments following regulations and standards, then we compose a range of colours for the type of pencils we’re designing. A key point is to select hues suitable for different skin tones: at Confalonieri we’re working to enhance natural beauty, for everyone.

Colour theory and analysis

When creating colour palettes, an interesting guide is a method related to colour theory, built on different studies: since the late 1800s, many artists and professionals have tried to identify the best shades for different tones of skin, eyes and hair. It’s called armocromia, or seasonal colour analysis, and in recent years it’s gaining popularity. How does it work? It helps identify the hues that look better on everyone, by analysing a person’s colours. Complexion is the main element, but the analysis uses several parameters to classify people into four main types: winter, spring, summer and autumn, plus a few subgroups that help refine the choice of colours for clothes and make-up. The parameters are the undertone of the skin, which can be warm or cold (ie tending to yellow or blue), the light or dark tone, the contrast between complexion, eyes and hair, and the intensity, which is a result of the saturation of colors.

Through this colour analysis everyone can find a palette that suits them and enhances their appearance, going beyond habit or immediate taste. It’s not about mindlessly or passively following a set of rules: armocromia invites people to explore the world of colours starting from objective elements. In short: you go from “what is your favorite color?” to “which color best accompanies your characteristics?”, using the season system as shorthand to signify a set of shades and hues.

Our creative process

At our lab, of course, we work in the reverse direction: when we prepare the colour range for a new line of pencils, we always insert tints that are suitable for the warm and cold undertones of the skin, and/or for all of the “seasons”, i.e. the four types defined by the analysis.

That’s how we create different palettes that responds well to different needs. With our co-creation process, each customer can change or expand this basic colour selection, to create a specific style or mood, or to better cater to a specific market. To start this journey through colours with us, write to commerciale@confaloniericosmetica.com!

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