Colours, shapes, finishing: how we dress up every pencil

Colori, forme, stampa

Colours, transparency, patterns, effects: in Confalonieri we dress up each pencil with a tailor-made outfit. You don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes, but the packaging of a product is the first thing your customers see. That’s why we work on this customisation with the same attention we pay to formulas.

When choosing the size of the pencil – slim, standard, large, jumbo – you’ll need to mind the use of the product, but on the rest creativity has a free rein. Confalonieri pencils are made of Californian cedar wood (PEFC certified) that has a light-yellow colour, while slim pencils can be produced with black wood. From here you have a whole range of options: let’s see the main choices.

Natural or painted?

The pencil can be finished with a transparent varnish or painted in colour. We can choose from our catalogue, use a shade from the customer’s brand identity palette, recreate a tint from a Pantone reference or from a sample. Then we can select an effect: every colour can be matte, glossy, pearly, metallic or glitter.

Silk-screen or hot foil printing?

Next step is printing the graphic elements that create the finished look of the pencils. With hot foil printing we can obtain metallic effects and glossy/matte patterns, as seen on our blush chubby pencils. We can also use silk-screen printing, with inks created by our lab, thus obtaining the desired colour. We can use a colour referencing the brand or match the silk-screen printing to the tip of the pencil. Designs can be monochromatic or include up to 8 different colours. We can print the INCI text and/or EAN code directly on the pencil.

Custom effects

With painting, silk-screen printing and hot foil printing we can create many different solutions, customising every project. An example? A customer requested a pencil with double finish, glossy in the area near the tip and matte on the rest of the body of the pencil. Hot foil printing near the tip of the pencil is definitely a no-go, so we painted the pencil with a matte finish and added a band with a glossy finish with silk-screen printing in transparent ink.

Last details…

Our pencils can be sealed with a dropped end or a dipped end, generally using the colour of the tip. The standard dipped end is 10 mm, but we can customise it to lengths between 5 and 30 mm, according to requests.

If you’re thinking that this looks like a maze, don’t worry: in our co-creation path we will work together, step by step, to weigh the options and design a pencil that’s perfect for you. Write to to discover more!

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