Eyebrows pencils? Gel is the perfect answer

Eyebrows pencils: gel is the perfect answer

Eyebrows pencils perfect for a natural look and a super-creative style? You’re in the right place: our gel eyebrows pencils are the go-to product for an easy make up or to finish a complex look.

It’s a wooden pencil, of course, fully customisable with different finishes and accessories like our traditional products. The formula makes the difference: it’s a gel with a special texture that gets pretty much invisible once applied. Thus our gel eyebrows pencils ensure a long-lasting fixing, be it for a simple shaping or to finish an elaborate make up, creating a water-resistant and gleamy effect.

How do we get this results? Our R&D Department has studied a vegan formula with a plant-based emollient to soothe and smooth the skin, tocopheryl acetate as an antioxidant and a mix of waxes chosen by our R&D Department. We use a fixing wax that adheres perfectly to the skin, creating an extremely flexible protective film, plus various waxes with different melting points. As a result, the pencil lead has the right body and the gel gets the perfect texture when applied.

Our gel eyebrows pencils are perfect to get a natural look in a couple of minutes and to give the finishing touch to every elaborate make up. Of course we still manufacture the “traditional” eyebrows pencils for filling or reshaping the eyebrow, in a wide range of colors and with a high quality formula.

Our gel eyebrows pencils are fully customisable, like every other product at Confalonieri. Every customer can choose external colors, finishing, prints or engravings and accessories, during the co-creation process with our team. Together we can assemble the perfect combination to integrate the gel eyebrows pencils in your Private Label line or to give them the unique features of your brand.

If you’d like to know more about our gel eyebrows pencils just drop a line to commerciale@confaloniericosmetica.com, we’ll be happy to share all the information you need!

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