Summer looks: solid colours and glossy eyeshadows

Colori solidi e lucentezza per lo sguardo estivo

Colour block in the shades of blue, trendy hues like peach pink or bright, shimmery tints? Eye make-up for this summer offers a lot of colours and a hint of extravagance, as is often during the warmer season.

If we want looks that don’t pass unnoticed, it’s crucial that we choose eyeliner and eyeshadow pencils with well-characterized finishes: the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to colours, but to achieve different effects we must consider some specific technical elements.

Matte eyeshadows: in full colour

How can we create an eyeshadow pencil with an intense and matte colour? The recipe is pigments, lots of them, plus a texture that balances glide and a dry finish. Firm textures work very well, as waxes and powders compensate for the gloss created by oils. We also developed a formula with a dusty effect that creates a nice opaque finish: you can see it in the Double Soul line.

Obviously pigments are the main character in pencils with this finish. The range is virtually endless, including iron oxides, ultramarine, lacquers: we choose the most performing depending on the certifications required or the customer’s black list.

Pearly eyeshadows: a touch of light

A pearly eyeshadow is shiny… but how shiny? It depends on the type of beads we blend in the formula and their granulometry, that is, the grain size. We can get a range of effects from satin finishes, with a softer and diffused shimmer, to sparkling eyeshadows, similar to glitter.

The substrate of our pearls is a key element to fine-tune the brightness of an eyeshadow pencil. Natural mica pearls have a great writing effect, but can change the background colour a bit, while synthetic mica is less opaque and creates stronger shimmering effects.
Using glass-based pearls, we can get a bright sparkling finish without changing the background color. Metallic eyeshadows, always popular during the summer, are made adding aluminum-based or bronze-based pearls to textures pigmented in silver, platinum, copper, bronze… and of course gold, in every nuance.

Sparkling and certified

Since the substrate of the pearls is so important for the finish, it used to be very complicated to create Cosmos certified pencils in very bright colors or with a very strong shiny effect. It used to be, but not anymore: our R&D team has found the perfect solution. We’re using natural mica pearls, processed with an innovative technology that makes them incredibly transparent and reflective. Our first line using this product is Pearl, our all-over highlighters that work perfectly as eyeshadows, and we added these pearls permanently to the Confalonieri range.

If you’re interested in discovering our formulas and studying all the effects, you can write to we love to experiment and create, always providing high quality wooden pencils, 100% made in Italy.

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