Functional cosmetics: our pencils are multi-tasking

Cosmetica funzionale, ovvero le matite multi-tasking

How many things can a makeup pencil do? Colour is the main task, of course, but at Confalonieri Cosmetica we always work on formulas that treat the skin well: makeup pencils can become functional cosmetics, when you’re using ingredients that have a positive effect on the epidermis. We do it for all our textures, but some have more of an edge: let’s see how.

Functional ingredients

Each formula contains a combination of waxes and oils balaced to ensure the consistency that suits every type of pencil. Lip pencils or highlighters usually have softer textures, while lip liners and eye pencils are a bit harder, to get a precise stroke.

With a specific raw material we can obtain a texture with different properties: coconut oil is emollient and moisturizing, beeswax creates a film that protects the skin from external agents, shea- and jojoba-derived oils and waxes are soothing and protective. These ingredients therefore have a double function: they guarantee the performance of the pencil and give beneficial properties to the product.

Small quantities, great importance

We finish the textures with active ingredients: this elements are dosed in lower percentages than waxes and oils, of course, but make a difference to the effect of the pencil on the skin. Vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol are among our favorites, since they’re great antioxidants and counter photo-aging, as well as tocopherol. Makeup for Confalonieri is meant to emphasize the beauty of every person, so taking care of the skin is as important as the colours and effects of our pencils.

Innovative solutions to moisturize

A much loved component of cosmetic products is hyaluronic acid, a true “hero” of hydration because of its great ability to retain water. This is exactly the reason why it’s extremely difficult to use it as a functional ingredient of pencils, which have anhydrous formulas, without water.

We solved the problem with an innovative technology: microspheres containing dehydrated molecules of hyaluronic acid, which “reactivate” when you apply the product to the skin. With this technology we were able to develop pencils that contain 0.45% of hyaluronic acid on the formula, a very relevant amount for a make-up product in anhydrous texture. Our HP/HA line is the best example of a functional cosmetic formulation, combining a great quality of colours with a very strong moisturizing effect.

If you want to discover all HP/HA pencils or our different textures with functional ingredients, just drop a line to we’re ready to create together!

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