Make up your pencil: a lip balm gets a new job

Lip balm, body butter

“These scented lip balms are really good… Can we use them as a body butter?”. Our answer to this request from a client on the Asian market was immediate: why not? Our textures are adaptable and multi-tasking, a perfect base for our hyper-personalised projects, built together with each client. 

Lip balm pencils and multi-tasking materials

When we create a line of make up pencils we use a different set of formulas and textures, based on the use. The formula for an eye pencil usually has more body, with a high percentage of waxes; lip pencils have a softer base, using oils to get a creamy texture. It’s just a general outline, though: you can use a more solid product on the lips or a softer product for the eyes, according to your tastes and the effect you want to get.

Our raw materials are safe for every use: we often get dermatological and ophthalmological tests, but we always select waxes and oils suitable for different areas and skin types. 

That’s why a pencil created to nourish the lips with a good taste can become a scented body butter, perfect to soften the skin.

New use, new perfume

With a little adjustment on the perfuming, of course: for a lip balm pencil you must obtain a great scent and flavour. In a body butter you’ll need a strong scent note, a fragrance, while taste doesn’t matter that much.  Our client asks for a fragrance with relaxing, soothing, floral and fruity notes: we submit the request to our suppliers and arrange a set of options that fit these guidelines.

The olfactory pyramid

How do we choose the best ones? We select the fragrances considering the main note and the whole olfactory pyramid, to obtain the effect our clients is looking for. We narrow the range to four options: Oriental, a relaxing fragrance, woody and musky with a sweet note of vanilla; Sparkling lights, floral and musky; Cassis&fig, fruity with a sandalwood base note; Peony petals, soothing, musky with a floral note. 

Time to experiment

How will our lip balm perform with these new fragrances? It’s time to experiment: we set up a small test production, to check the fragrances and the performances of the lip balm “on the field”. With this step we can assess the possible differences and any potential problem in the production process: there will be no bad surprises when manufacturing starts.

What about temperatures? Will the new fragrances change the stability of our formula? The initial analysis seems promising, but we need a good old experiment to be certain: some samples make a visit to the fridge, some others stay a while in the heater. 

Test passed!

Our sample pencils pass the test with flying colours: the scent is pleasant, the texture (that was very important for our client) has not changed, the formula is stable at different temperatures and the performance is the same as the original product. Now the decision is up to the client: which fragrances will they prefer?

On the basis of their choice, we’ll decide together all the customised details: colour of the pencil and the cap, prints and engravings, packaging, finishing… We’ll create a tailor-made product, as we always do.

If you want to understand how our hyper-personalisation process works, please write to We’ll be happy to talk about your ideas for a project and we can schedule a tour of our facilities in Gordona, where we manufacture our pencils: they’re Made in Italy, for real.  

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