Make up your pencil: a Lip Balm with the right flavour

Make up your pencil: a Lip Balm with the right flavour

“We really like your Lip Balm, formula and texture are great. Could we get different scents?”. This is how our journey with a major brand starts, from the request for a customised pencil to the co-creation of a tailor-made Private Label line.

We produce our Lip Balm pencils with a formula studied by our R&D team, made with ingredients that soften the lips and give a light glossy finish. Confalonieri lip balm pencils are 100% made in Italy and Cosmos Organic certified: this potential client wanted a different range of flavours, keeping the original texture and effect.

As a first step, we worked with our suppliers to find a range of alternative flavours using only Cosmos Organic certified scents, since this mark is a key feature of our Lip Balm pencils. We always make sure that every customised variation has the same requisites as the original product: quality, certifications, traceability of ingredients. When we’re working together on a project, we take care of the technical elements and all the red-tape fulfillments, so that the client can focus on the features and styling of the product.

Second step: we selected a range of scents and suggested it to the client, then together we chose a couple of flavours for the customised Lip Balm pencils. Then it was time for the “road test”: we started trying out the new ingredients, setting up a very small production with the original formula and the new flavours. It’s the best way to verify the performance of the variation and its compatibility with our production process.

The results were excellent: the new scents worked very well with the Lip Balm texture and the potential client was happy with the flavours. Very happy, judging from their commission: a small Private Label line with five flavours, three from the original range and two customised scents.

On to the final touch: the customised design for the pencils. Working step by step with the client, we fine-tuned external colours, caps, look and finishing for this line.

Lip Balm… and more

If this process reminds you of a hand-crafted work, we won’t argue: we focus on innovation and state of the art technology, but we develop every project with the mindset of an artisan, like Guido Confalonieri. We pay attention to every client’s requests, we support our partners during every step of the co-creation process, we put in play technical skills and imagination to create pencils with the client’s unique trait. We guarantee maximum flexibility, during the process as well as on MOQ: every project is an interesting challenge for us, from an entire Private Label line to a small batch of a customised original product.

If you want to know more about our co-creation process, please get in touch at we’ll schedule a call or maybe a visit to our production plant, to create together a makeup pencil designed for you like a tailor-made dress.

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