Made in Italy, 100%: where do our pencils come from?

Made in Italy al 100%: dove nascono le nostre matite

Made in Italy pencils, that’s what we do. 100%  Made in Gordona, in fact: we produce our wooden pencils in our facilities in Valchiavenna, province of Sondrio. The entire creative and productive process is “in house”: we study formulas and designs in our R&D department, we produce all types of lead, we build every pencil using high quality raw materials.

That’s why we can fully customise every line, verifying the quality of every part of the pencil in each step of the production process. 

How do we manufacture our pencils?

First step, we co-create a project with our client: together we choose a formula, a texture and the colours that best suit your Private Label line or the product we’re working on. 

In short, we create a tailor-made project for every client. Then we start producing the cosmetic bulk for the pencil leads: texture and colour are constantly monitored to ensure high quality and consistency of the product.

What about the external part of the pencils? That’s the job of our woodworking department: here we manufacture the small planks and assemble each pencil with its lead. Then every item is completed with shaping, finishing, printing or serigraphy, following the project created with the client. Final step: caps, accessories and packaging – 100% customisable. 

If you wish to know more, you can book a call with us or a visit to our production facilities writing to

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