PH Magic Pencil: your skin, your own lipstick colour

Magic Lips, pH reagente: un colore unico come chi lo indossa

A pH reagent colour in a moisturising formula. With PH Magic Pencil we developed a lip pencil that creates unique shades for each person: a surprising effect in a texture rich in emollients and antioxidants. It’s a creamy and smooth product, with a vegan formula that creates a lasting tint.


Instead of transferring a single shade, PH Magic Pencil colours the lips with pigments that react to the pH of each person’s skin. When you apply the product, the texture is transparent, but in a matter of seconds the colour changes and reveals a different tint, depending on the pH of the skin. From pink to fuchsia, to cyclamen, with soft hues or brighter shades, PH Magic Pencil creates amazing colours.

Unique… as you are

The effect of PH Magic Pencil is unique to each person, but the colour can also change depending on the specific conditions of the skin and the amount of product applied. That’s why the same pencil can create a slightly different colour in a different season or at different times of the day. It’s a somewhat magical effect, but not a trick that fades away too soon: the pigment has an excellent persistence and the colour remains on the lips for a long time.

One texture, infinite shades

While the colour created by PH Magic Pencil will indeed be a surprise, its texture is a tried-and-tested formula. The pH reagent pigments are carried by a texture with protective and emollient ingredients that are just perfect for lip pencils. PH Magic Pencil contains a high percentage of coconut oil that acts like a real balm for the skin, preventing dehydration and soothing inflammation. Coconut oil also has an anti-age effect that makes it perfect for mature skin. We’ve created the right firmness by mixing a combination of waxes of natural origin, while vitamin E and Gamma oryzanol give an antioxidant effect and help fight oxidative stress and photo-aging.

What colour will your PH Magic Pencil become? You’ll have to try it on to discover your personal tint, but in the meantime we can tell you that we can customise the starting colour of the formula (plus the usual features of the pencil, like we do for all our products). Write to to find out more about our co-creation process!

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