Make Up in LA: see you at the trade show with Colibrì

Make up in LA with Colibrì

Hummingbirds in Los Angeles. Is it newsworthy? Well, of course it is, since we’re talking about a special kind of hummingbird: the most complete and innovative line of make up pencils we’ve created so far, Colibrì – the Italian for hummingbird.

We went to Paris and Istanbul, now we’re heading towards Los Angeles: we’ll be at the Make Up in LA trade show on February 23-24th, booth B34.
The focus will be on the Colibrì line – developing the main features of our Think Greener line – and on the Lip Balm pencils, created by our R&D team with an hydrating formula and delicious flavours. Wooden pencils, 100% made in Italy with PEFC certified wood. Made in Italy, for real.

The entire creative and productive process is “in house”, in our facilities in Valchiavenna, province of Sondrio: we study formulas and designs in our R&D department, we produce all types of lead, we build every pencil using high quality raw materials. That’s why we can guarantee the quality of every part of the pencil in each step of the production process.

Make Up in LA: discover our style

Our team supports every client throughout the process, building a co-creation path: together we choose a formula, a texture and the colours that best suit your needs. Everything is designed to fit the client’s requests like a tailor-made dress. Then we start producing the cosmetic bulk for the pencil leads: the product is constantly monitored to ensure quality and consistency of features, texture and colours. Our woodworking department manufactures the external parts of the pencils, then we complete every item with shaping, finishing, printing or serigraphy, caps, accessories and packaging, 100% customised.

Technology and innovation at Confalonieri go hand in hand with an artisan mindset: see you in Los Angeles to discover our unique mix of tradition and contemporary spirit!

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