Microspheres, the perfect ingredient for a special pencil

Microspheres, the perfect ingredient for a special pencil

Microspheres” in cosmetics used to mean only “microbeads in exfoliating products”, up to a few years ago. Not anymore: new technologic solutions allow us to add different elements to make up products, ingredients that otherwise would be very difficult to manage. That’s what we did for our HP/HA line, using microspheres to include high percentages of hyaluronic acid in the anhydrous formulas of our make up pencils.

We produce our formulas with a mix of waxes and oils, using different combinations depending on the texture we need for each product. With the microspheres technology, molecules of hyaluronic acid get dehydrated and dispersed in a fat-soluble solution, easy to include in our bases. Since the formula is anhydrous, the active ingredient is perfectly protected in the pencil lead. When the product is applied on your skin, the molecules “reactivate” and create the hydrating effect peculiar to hyaluronic acid.

In the production process we only need a few precautions to preserve the hyaluronic acid. We add the microspheres right before moulding the leads and we pay close attention to the processing temperatures.

Microspheres, a double success

With microspheres we get an optimal result, on two sides. Our HP/HA pencils combine make up and skincare thanks to the hydrating effect of high percentages of hyaluronic acid: the product is soothing and pleasant to use on your skin.

On the other hand, using a fat-soluble ingredient we can get a very stable result on texture, performance and preservation of the pencils, exactly like our more “traditional” lines.

Curious to see how our pencils are made? Drop a line to commerciale@confaloniericosmetica.com to get more information or to book a visit at our facilities in Gordona. If you want to try the new HP/HA pencils, we’ll be at Make Up in Paris in a few days: see you at the event!

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