Milano Beauty Week: let’s smile together

Milano Beauty Week: let's smile together

An eco-friendly formula and the Milano Beauty Week colour to help a charity that gives beauty a beneficial meaning in difficult times. This year Confalonieri Cosmetica is a part of MBW with a special product, a lip pencil that will be distributed during the event to help an association that supports cancer patients: from 27 September to 2 October we’ll colour Milan with beauty, during the event organised by Cosmetica Italia.

Last year we showcased a preview version of Dark Queen eye pencil and now for MBW 2023 we created a lip pencil that works perfectly both as a lip liner and as lipstick, with a limited edition colour that resembles the logo of the event. We didn’t create it from scratch: we started from a Confalonieri product that combines quality and environmental sustainability.

From colour to cap, 100% customised

We developed this special product from our Think Greener lip pencil, creating a special colouring for MBW and designing a specific external finish, including the cap. Just like we do for our customers’ projects, we’ve worked on a specific idea, building on one of our products and developing a pencil that’s completely customised for the event.

Unlike the standard Think Greener, this formula is not vegan because we’ve added a pinch of carmine pigment, but the qualities of the formula are all there. The texture is rich in emollients, with organic coconut oil, vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol in a long-lasting and heat-resistant formula. The raw materials that make up the pencil are entirely of natural origin and the wood, as for all our products, is PEFC certified.

La forza e il sorriso, the strength of a smile

Why did we choose a lip pencil? During MBW Cosmetica Italia is fundraising for a non-profit organisation named La forza e il sorriso, which translates to “Strength and smile”. This year we take part in the event with a product that relates to the name and the activities of the association: few things enhance a smile like a beautiful lipstick and we’ll give out a very special pencil, to everyone making a donation.

La forza e il sorriso organises free make up workshops dedicated to women fighting against cancer, as an opportunity to find a moment of positivity, together, in a difficult path. Since 2007 its workshops and activities have involved over 20.000 women, with the support of several companies in the beauty and make up industry, coordinated by Cosmetica Italia.

Ready to try this special lip pencil? See you in Milan from September 27!

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