Natural & nude lipsticks? Pick your Nuda

Nude lipsticks: pick your Nuda

Matte finish, long-lasting colour and eight nude shades for all seasons – meaning the weather and armocromia. Nuda is our new line of lipstick pencils with a palette of natural hues suitable for all complexions, in a long-lasting texture that’s gentle on the skin and easy to use.

Trendy and ready to become a classic

The natural shades of Nuda are perfect for the fall-winter 2023/2024 trend, but this array of colours is pretty much timeless. Its shades emphasize and define the beauty of the lips in a natural way, thanks to the matte effect and the high quality ingredients.

We selected the hues paying specific attention to the principles of armocromia, the seasonal colour analysis, because undertones play a major role in choosing nude lipsticks: picking the hue that best enhances someone’s complexion is crucial. With its eight variations, Nuda flatters all skin tones, but it’s also ideal for different make-up styles: every artist or user can choose the colour with the “temperature” that suits the mood. This palette is perfect when you’re following the armocromia rules and when you decide to explore exceptions.

Flawless and gentle on the skin

Easy to apply and blend, Nuda pencils are long-lasting (tested!) and don’t smudge: with this combination of texture and pigment content, with a few gestures you can calibrate the color intensity and get the exact effect you want. The matte finish comes with a sprinkle of spherical silica, to obtain a “soft focus” effect.

Quality for Confalonieri Cosmetica means colour intensity and utmost respect for the skin: Nuda follows this rule. We’ve developed a formula that delivers a great visual effect and is always gentle on the lips, as shown by the patch tests.

The formula created for Nuda treats the skin well, with a combination high quality ingredients: coconut oil nourishes the skin, prevents dehydration and soothes irritation or chapping, while vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol protect against oxidative stress and photo-aging.

Eco-friendly and vegan, certified

Nuda pencils are skin friendly and respect the planet: the formula is 100% vegan, certifiable Natrue, CCPB and Cosmos Organic. The pencils are made exclusively with PEFC certified wood, as all of our products.

The line is fully customizable through our co-creation path. Let’s design your Nuda line together: write to to start the journey!

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