Sustainable packaging? Wood is the real deal

Sustainable packaging? Wood is the real deal

When designing packaging, the make-up industry is increasingly focusing on sustainable, recyclable, minimalistic solutions. At Confalonieri Cosmetics using simple and eco-friendly packaging is already a tradition. Our packaging is an integral part of the product: the wooden part is the packaging of the pencil lead, the cosmetic itself. Cedar wood, a pencil lead and a cap: the result is a cosmetic product that’s functional, aesthetically appealing, customisable and… absolutely sustainable!

When designing custom lines we can also include cases and sleeves, but as a standard option we’ve decided not to include external packaging. Thus we can reduce the amount of plastic we use and the environmental impact of the product in its lifecycle. The wood we use to make our pencils has all the functions of any self-respecting packaging: protection, branding, identity. Let’s see how, shall we?

Slim, large or jumbo, always in colour

We design and manufacture make-up pencils in different sizes, depending on the type of product and the customers’ request. Sometimes the choice is rather obvious, honestly: a large-tipped eyeliner pencil wouldn’t be functional to its purpose, for example. Usually, though, we can explore different combinations between the formula and the size of pencils.

At our factory in Gordona (Sondrio) we use only cedar wood: it can be processed with a natural effect, with a transparent finish, or varnished in any colour. We can print lettering, patterns and graphics up to 6 colours, creating designs for each private label line together with our customers.

External paints and varnishes proportionally are a very small component of each pencil, but we’re constantly working to make this element more sustainable as well. For our Essential we selected a water-based BIO paint that’s very health-conscious, reduces the environmental impact during manufacturing and cuts CO2 emissions. It’s not a goal, it’s a springboard to other sustainable solutions we’re researching and designing.

Cap: plain or accessorised?

Wood, varnish, prints and finishings… but there’s more! The other half of our packaging is the pencil cap: we use different sizes, colors and finishes, always focusing on recycled or recyclable materials. Confalonieri pencil caps are available in different versions: transparent, coloured or aluminum, with some options for size and shape. Pencils can also become true make-up tools with the accessories in the Confalonieri range. We have 21 accessories for eyes, lips and eyebrows, including brushes for outlining or shading, mini-brushes for eyebrows, applicators of various sizes. Together we can choose sizes and finishes to fine-tune a product that will be perfect for your customers.

For caps and accessories we must take into account some technical elements that can be variables of fundamental importance. That’s why during our co-creation process we work together to identify the most suitable combination for the “personality” of what will become 100% your pencil.

Cases & co: how to add a final touch

3… 2… 1… from a “simple” pencil now we have a finished product, ready for sale! Of course we don’t stop here. On request we can design an additional packaging, for single pencils or in multiple packs. Cardboard cases and plastic or paper bags (or sleeves) are the solutions, always environmentally friendly. All additional packaging can be fully customised and is made from high quality materials, provided by carefully selected companies.

Let’s design a tailor-made line: write to and start the path of co-creation together!

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