Private Label? Confalonieri is the perfect partner

Private label? Confalonieri is the perfect partner

It all starts with an idea, a sparkle of imagination. If you want to turn that sparkle into a project, you’ll have to follow the right path: at Confalonieri we can develop unique projects, creating the perfect pencils for your Private Label lines. How?

  1. At Confalonieri we’ve been producing make-up pencils for over half a century. We study every single detail of each project to manufacture pencils that fit your needs like a tailor-made dress. The entire production process, including painting and printing, takes place in our facilities in Gordona: we control every step of the process.
  2. We offer 360° support from product definition to launch, creating high quality pencils with great performances. We can help you identify and choose the best features for your products – composition, texture, colours, graphic design, finishing – and we’re able to create customised solutions for small minimum orders.
  3. We provide a wide range of customisation options for each pencil: eyes, eyebrows, lips and face. Options include the kind of wood, the composition, the texture… and of course the colours, a limitless range. Your project becomes a product with its own different mark, unique like a signature: we’re always ready to explore new ideas, finding original and sustainable solutions.

We use the best raw materials on the market, certified and traceable. Quality and sustainability are crucial for end users: each customers at Confalonieri can monitor the source and quality standards of materials. High quality and transparency are always guaranteed.

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