Completely recycled, completely stylish: the new caps are here!

Completely recycled, completely stylish: the new caps are here!

Shall we use caps made from recycled material or coloured ones? It’s not a problem anymore: after an extensive testing we’ve identified an ivory-coloured PCR material that’s suitable for cosmetics and can be dyed to get completely customised. Recyclable, recycled, in aluminum, transparent, with accessories: the range of Confalonieri Cosmetics caps is expanding, while we’re working on new technical solutions to reduce the use of plastic in our products.

Recycled, recyclable, responsible

Most of the caps we use for our make-up pencil are made of ABS, PP or PB. We have an aluminum option for 7.50 mm and 10.50 pencils, but plastic gives more room for variations on colour, shape and size. We’ve used recyclable plastic to reduce our environmental footprint: for our coloured caps we use ABS or PP, while PB is better for waterproof pencils that need a different “barrier”. Transparent caps are made of SAN or a SAN + ABS mix, all recyclable. We can provide different sizes: long or short cylindrical caps or the tapered caps called “star” for standard pencils, large pencils and jumbo/fat pencils (15.50 mm).

An ongoing research

Recyclable plastic is a step towards sustainability, but but for Confalonieri Cosmetics it’s not enough: that’s why we started using caps made of PCR recycled material – post-consumer recycled plastic. They’re usually available in black and we’ve used these products for some of our lines, but this solution is less interesting than a coloured cap.

With an in-depth research we’ve identified a further step: ivory-coloured PCR plastic material, a neutral hue ready to be dyed with one of the colours included in our collection of shades. We’re not stopping here, either: our R&D team is working on new solutions.

Before starting the production we tested the material with a specialised lab to independently verify its safety. It’s all good: this neutral PCR plastic is suitable for contact with cosmetics, so we’re manufacturing the new caps.

Certified wood, sustainable caps

With this new solution, we have various options to compose an environmentally responsible pencil, with our traditional PEFC certified wood and a cap in recycled material. You can choose between black ABS – 100% PCR, coloured polypropylene – 100% PCR, or aluminum for a different look.

Which one will work best for your make up pencils?

We will discuss it together, during the co-creation process that Confalonieri applies to design tailor-made projects for every customer. Drop a line to to get started!

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