Same values since 1897. Today, with a new voice.

confalonieri storia azienda

We have so much to tell, and today we start to do it with a new voice. With a completely redesigned brand, with social networks, with news and information to be discovered. We open another chapter in the journey of Confalonieri Matite. A story that began in the late nineteenth century in a small town surrounded by the Alps and grew step by step, developing make-up pencils for major Italian and foreign brands, without fear of experimenting with novelties and changing.

Yes, the novelties. There have been many over the years: for years we have been working to ensure that our products are increasingly sustainable, from the choice of raw material sources to the manufacturing processes in the company.

We have created organic and “green” lines, studying new formulas tailored to the needs of customers, always making our pencils in wood, with PEFC certification.

Using wood is a tradition for Confalonieri: we continue to do so, always renewing technologies and production systems, to obtain solutions suited to the needs of all customers. It is a tribute to the environment that surrounds us, in the heart of the Alps, but also to the history of the company.

It all started in Chiavenna in 1897, when a printing house was established, which soon became a prosperous and well-known business that also produced stationery. In 1969, Elisabetta Gallese – mother of current CEO Luca Confalonieri – decided on the first change: she started producing make-up pencils, an idea inspired by the new lifestyle that was taking hold in Italy at the time. It was a successful idea right from the start: from the small town just a stone’s throw from the Swiss border, the cosmetic pencils created by “Donna Elisabetta” – as everyone in town called her – reached every corner of Italy.

Then, under Luca’s leadership, the company entered the world of cosmetics once and for all: the core business became the production of make-up pencils. Year after year we continue to renew raw materials, formulas, production processes, formats and colours, always ensuring high quality and complete customisation according to customer requirements: the strengths of a company that has grown over time without losing the craftsmanship of each product. And soon other lines and special solutions are coming, to continue to create day after day a touch of beauty, for everyone.

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