Summer makeup: choose pencils that bear the heat

Make up estivo: le soluzioni a prova di caldo

How can we get a perfect makeup on hot days? It’s not that easy, but you can create (and keep) a flawless look in the heat, if you choose the pencils carefully. Comfort is another point we should keep in mind: some textures are suitable for summer and warmer days, others are more pleasant when the temperature drops. Personal preferences have the final say, of course, but we can start from some general indication.

Firm textures hold steady

Long-lasting products are a staple when creating a summer makeup, because they resist better if we sweat a little. Pencils with firm textures work very well in these cases, because they contain high-melting waxes that have an excellent heat resistance.

In the last months our R&D team has worked a lot on a 2024 rendition of firm textures: Linea pencils have a very high content of pigments, in a texture that’s rigid but slides smoothly. The result is an intense colour, certified long-lasting up to 12 hours for the lip pencil and to 16 hours for eyes and eyebrows. Eyes and eyebrows pencils can also be made into lip pencils, picking the right pigments, since this texture is safe for all areas of the face.

Waterproof and heatproof

Waterproof products have excellent performance on hot and muggy days, for obvious reasons. Our new WaterWood pencil is water resistant and certified long lasting up to 24 hours, thanks to an ultra pigmented formula that settles on the skin with a combination of resin and isododecane. The pencil is made with PEFC certified wood and the formula can be used as Kajal or as a graphic eyeliner, but doubles as a mascara as well. Just apply it on clean and dry skin: once it’s settled, it’s basically beach-proof.

If you don’t want to use a lip tint, lightweight textures with a persistent colour are a good idea: PH Magic Pencil is a great example. It contains pigments that react to the pH of the skin and leave a colouring that remains on the lips for many hours.

Dry touch vs nourishing oils

Personal preferences aside, in the warmer season pencils with a light and “dusty” texture are usually more pleasant, since they don’t feel heavy on the skin. Our R&D team at Confalonieri has developed different formulas of this kind: these pencils contain a lot of texturising materials and light esters that create a talc effect and a dry touch, pleasant in the heat. Our blush pencils are a good example: we’ve developed a light texture, perfect for warm days, and a winter version with a nourishing formula, rich in plant-based oils like jojoba oil.

If you want to discover all the formulas of the pencils in Confalonieri range, write to the R&D team is always working on new ideas for your next private label line.

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