WaterWood, the waterproof pencil you don’t expect

Waterwood, la matita waterproof in legno

A waterproof pencil made of wood, with an eyeliner/kajal formula. Impossible? Not anymore: our WaterWood pencil is packed with technological solutions that allowed us to create a wooden pencil with a waterproof formula, stable, suitable for easy storage and capable of becoming a mascara. Let’s see some keywords to discover this product.

Wooden & waterproof

Waterwood is the first waterproof pencil made of PEFC certified wood, the Californian cedar we use for all our products. When developing waterproof products, companies usually choose other materials, since the wood is breathable and this can lead to stability problems during storage. With Waterwood we have overcome this obstacle: this pencil is waterproof, certified long-lasting up to 24 hours, it can be used as eyeliner, as kajal and also as mascara for touch-ups or a quick makeup on the fly. How did we do that?


The formula we’ve developed for WaterWood is based on a resin activated with isododecane. When you apply the product, isododecane evaporates and the resin settles on the skin along with the colour. With this solution, WaterWood guarantees a water-resistant and long-lasting shade, with a formula that’s gentle on the skin like all Confalonieri products. Just use WaterWood on clean, dry skin to get the best effect.


We’ve studied a “structural” solution to keep wood and a waterproof formula together: we manufacture WaterWood pencils with both ends closed, so that the formula is protected from air. The product is sealed inside the pencil, so that WaterWood can be stored for a long time: the formula doesn’t dry up or deteriorate because of air. On the first usage you’ll simply sharpen the pencil on one end, then the special cap will ensure the right sealing.


WaterWood has its own set of accessories: each pencil is equipped with a sharpener to “open” it and with a cap that guarantees the correct preservation of the product after the first usage. In addition, the pencil comes with a pull-out mascara brush, to use the formula for a touch-up or a quick makeup. It’s easy: you pull out the brush, put some colour on it and then use it on the eyelashes.

Did we spark your curiosity? We’ll showcase WaterWood during Cosmoprof: write an email to commerciale@confaloniericosmetica.com to make an appointment in Bologna!

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