Wooden pencils: choose beauty and high quality

Matite in legno, una scelta di bellezza e qualità

Wooden pencils are a tradition and a special feature for Confalonieri. We started with wood, more than 50 years ago, and we’re bringing it into our future. We’re constantly improving our technical solutions and we’ll never set aside this amazing material. We believe that wood is the best solution for high-quality, beautiful and sustainable make up pencils. Why? Here are five good reasons.

  1. Wood comes from nature and goes back to nature: it’s the best raw material for our industry, if you’re looking for sustainable and renewable materials. Wood can be sourced responsibly without damaging forests: we use only PEFC certified wood, obtained from sustainably managed forests. With these serious management programs we can get excellent raw material without depleting the environment. Last but not least, waste from wooden pencils is not harmful to the ecosystem.
  1. Wood gives pencils an excellent appearance: it’s elegant and gives an unmistakable feeling to the touch. Our psychological state can benefit from the feeling of well-being and naturalness of wooden objects. This is important in the world of make up: the elements we choose are not simple objects, they are the foundations of our physical and psychological well-being. Even when they’re small things, like a make up pencil. 
  1. Wood means a longer life for the cosmetic pencil lead. Color, texture and features of each formula remain steady.
  1. Wood ensures an excellent and constant performance of cosmetic pencils day in, day out.
  1. With wood we can play with a wide range of shapes and size, customizing products like tailor-made dresses. Details matter and with varnish, engravings and trimmings we can create signature wooden pencils for each customer. 

Sustainable, beautiful, long-lasting, high-quality: with wooden pencils you can enjoy the scent of tradition and all the opportunities of up-to-date technology. Would you like to know more about wood in make up industry? Drop a line to commerciale@confaloniericosmetica.com, we’re looking forward to discuss the subject!

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