make-up pencils you can rely on!

From wood to make up pencils.
The entire production process, including varnishing and printing, takes place in our facilities in Gordona, in Valtellina, in the heart of the Alps.
Our make-up pencils are made through two production processes: extrusion and moulding.
The range of textures and colours is wide, and our Research and Development Department is constantly involved in new experimental activities to create new products improving performance and ingredients.
We make our pencils – 100% Made in Italy – with the best materials on the market, all traceable and certified.
Eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, lips pencils and face pencils: CONFALONIERI knows what it’s doing because it has been doing it for over 50 years.

Lip pencils

lip contouring pencil: transparent and coloured

lipstick pencil

lip gloss pencil

Matite colorate labbra

Eyes pencils

eyeliner and kajal pencil

eyeshadow pencil

Matite colorate occhi

Face pencils

highlighter pencil

concealer pencil: anti-dark circles / anti-cernes / anti-blemish

blush pencil

foundation pencil

bronzer pencil

Matite colorate viso

Eyebrows pencils

eyebrow pencil

fixing and modelling eyebrow pencil

Matite colorate sopracciglia

A successful project
extends beyond the product

Advice, transparency, technical, commercial, and logistic support to complement a relationship based on the quality of the final product as well as reciprocal trust. The world of CONFALONIERI MATITE is ready to welcome you and show you were your ideas take shape.
Customer care


We are the perfect reliable partner to manage private label projects, we offer 360° support from product definition to launch.

Supporto commerciale


We help you identify and define the characteristics and finishing touches of your products to make sure they are in line with your objectives.

Supporto tecnico

Technical compliance support

We always offer complete transparency and support in terms of compliance. Our Research and Development team is available to satisfy any requests in terms of formulas.

Supporto grafico


We help you with graphical aspects and to achieve the distinctive and effective personalisation of your products.

Supporto ordine

Order status support

We provide prompt updates throughout the production cycle of your order.

Supporto logistico


We offer logistics support with the collaboration of a number of reliable partners.

Visite stabilimento

plant visits

We are always happy to welcome you in our world and show you around the plant where your pencils are made.