Three things we’ve learned at Make Up in LA

Three things we've learned at Make Up in LA

Sustainable, flexible, creative: during Make Up in LA we’ve learned that US brands love products with these characteristics. That’s good news for Confalonieri: some of our strong suits come from our attention to raw materials and manufacturing processes, our multi-usage formulas and our co-creation process to make pencils that fit every client’s need like a tailor-made dress.
Let’s take a closer look to these three points!


There’s an increasing demand for sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients. From the very beginning, at Confalonieri we manufacture wooden make-up pencils: since 2019 we use only PEFC certified wood, sourced from forests managed under strict sustainability standards.

In our industry innovation is crucial, so we’re always working on new ideas: we’ve identified new varnishes and finishing methods that make our pencils even more eco-friendly. We’ll present these new solutions during Cosmoprof, with an important event for us: one of our products entered the Cosmoprof Awards, the first wooden pencil to do so.


Multi-usage products are definitely a trend on the US market, even more than in Europe. Many of our products can easily double as illuminating and concealer like our new Diva pencil, or as lipstick and blush, or as lip balm and body butter. The quality of raw materials and a careful choice of formulas help us create multi-usage pencil that always respect your skin.

Flexibility has something to do with numbers as well. More and more indie brands are making headway in the make-up industry and MOQs can become a barrier for upcoming businesses. At Confalonieri we’re able to work on sizeable orders as well as on smaller quantities, just like an artisan atelier.


Creativity is an essential part of our industry, of course. For us every project is a co-creation process with our client, developing tailor-made pencils and lines. As any respected atelier, we don’t just meet the demands: our R&D team is always ready to suggest new solutions to customise and expand private label lines, taking advantage of Confalonieri’s heritage of experience and projects. If the word “brainstorming” comes to your mind, you’re on the right track.

How does a co-creation process work? During Make Up in LA we’ve discussed many projects at our booth, come see us at Cosmoprof to get a glimpse!

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