Smart pencils: multipurpose products

Matite multiuso, prodotti smart

Multipurpose, all-over, versatile: many Confalonieri products have more than one use, with a multi-function formula or inside the pencil. It’s a way to create simple and practical make up solutions, but it’s also an opportunity to make room for creativity: we develop new ideas by our R&D team and our customers, while the end users can create many different looks with just a few pencils.

Multipurpose textures

At Cosmoprof we showcased several multipurpose products – come see us at Make Up in Paris next week to check out the new releases -, but we’re working on some new ideas, as well as custom versions of pencils we released in the recent months.

Let’s see a few examples, shall we? Among the novelties of this season, WaterWood is an eyeliner pencil that can become a mascara, Dip Deep has a wet&dry formula, Linea is a range of firm pencils with three “specialties” with a texture suitable as an all-over product. Another good example is our Pearl highlighter pencil, an all-over formula that can be used as a classic highlighter, as an eyeshadow or on the lips, to give a special finish to a lipstick. A touch of light, where you want it.

Double tips, many uses

Other Confalonieri products show their multiple function from the very beginning, with a double tip with different uses. We’re thinking about Double Soul, a double tip eyebrows pencil: one tip has a powdery finish, the other draws a sharp and intense mark.

Diva pencils also have a double tip: one end is an highlighter, the other is a concealer. The basic range includes six pairs of shades for different complexions, but we have already developed some customised hues for customers with specific requests. Our lip balms are also suitable for combinations in double-tip pencils: the R&D team is working on the last details of some very interesting ideas.

What products would you like to combine in a double pencil? Let’s study it together: write to to start our co-creation process!

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