Face pencils

Matite viso personalizzazioni

Creamy formulas, matt, pearled, velvety. These are just some of the features of the face pencils that CONFALONIERI has dedicated to the face. 

Correct, illuminate, emphasize, or cover: the possibilities are endless. The main aim is always the same: respect and pamper your skin, helping you creating the perfect base for your make-up.


Highlighter pencil
Our highlighter pencil is ideal for illuminating various areas of the face: eyes, cheekbones, lips… Easy to use and blend for a radiant and luminous face. It also enhances and highlights the eyes. A pencil, similar to that used for eyes, with a dense and highly pigmented consistency.

Concealer pencil: anti-dark circles/anti-cernes/anti-blemish
Our concealer – anti-dark circles, anti-cernes and camouflage pencil – is a cosmetic that can be used like a normal concealer, but allows a much more precise application, especially on the most critical areas such as visible capillaries, blemishes and imperfections.

Blush pencil
The pencil lead is soft, glides-on well and can be easily blended with fingers or a brush. The creamy texture moisturises and provides instant refreshment to the face.

Foundation pencil
You achieve a second-skin effect with this pencil. The formula of this innovative product is your best ally: high coverage, easy application and a creamy texture that loves your skin while keeping it healthy and moisturised.

Bronzer pencil
This pencil is the perfect product for brightening and highlighting eyebrows and contours of the face. You can create depth and dimension thanks to the ease of application. The warm matte effect of this product is ideal for adding a touch of definition and ensuring an overall flawless result.

Body balm pencil
Practically a skincare treatment that has the ease and versatility of applying make-up. The high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid is by no means enough, what makes the difference is the degree to which this precious ingredient is processed. CONFALONIERI MATITE has enhanced it by making the most of its properties.

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matita viso pop the party

POP THE PARTY, Lighy up your colours

Pop the Party lights up the colours in make up with vibrant shades, three different wet&dry effects, zero limits to creativity. This new line presents a range of colours inspired by pop art and children’s imagination, to expand creative options in makeup.

With a high percentage of pigments and a firm texture, Pop the Party has a very intense stroke: it’s an extruded medium-hard formula, with a great colour release.

We’ve used high melting raw materials, so the pencil has an excellent temperature resistance.

A key ingredient is Rhus Succedanea Fruit Cera, a vegetable substitute for beeswax that gives the texture the right firmness and has an emollient effect on the skin. We’ve completed the formula with vitamin E against oxidative stress, spherical silica to create a soft focus effect and kaolin with its purifying and bactericidal power.

This texture is 100% vegan and gentle on the skin, with an ophthalmological test.

matite viso diva


Who wouldn’t want to shine like a 1950s DIVA? Famous names, faces …even more.

This is how DIVA was born, the double tip pencil to conceal and brighten at the same time. A single pencil, a double gesture of care and beauty!
6 double pencils in six colour shades for each type of complexion.
Skin blemishes disappear thanks to the concealer, while the brightener lights up the face enhancing its natural beauty.
The colours are perfectly matched to meet different needs.
The soft textures and rich in a very high percentage of organic coconut oil are a real caress for the skin. A real DIVA doesn’t need introductions!
A DIVA shines with her own beauty.

matite viso pearl


Personality and character, the real advantage of the first mens line
by Confalonieri Matite. A range of products designed
to enhance the beauty of a man who wants to take care of himself.
From invisible every day make-up to a touch of glamour,
more striking for a more intense look.
Make-up has no gender, but the skin on which it is applied does.
Confalonieri Matite, a company always focused on every detail,
knows this well. The result, in this case too, is stunning. The pencils in our new Gentleman line are easy to use, have skin-friendly textures and fit perfectly into a daily routine: four different pencils – Beard and eyebrows pencil, Eyeliner/kajalall, Concealer and Lip balm – all  vegan and NatrueCosmos Organic and CCPB certifiable.

matite viso gentleman


Personalità e carattere, è questo il vero plus della prima linea uomo di Confalonieri Matite. Una gamma di prodotti pensati per esaltare la bellezza di un uomo che ha voglia di prendersi cura di sé.

Da un trucco invisibile per tutti i giorni fino a quel tocco glamour, più marcato, per intensificare lo sguardo. Il trucco non ha genere, ma la pelle su cui viene applicato sì.

Confalonieri Matite, azienda da sempre attenta ad ogni minimo dettaglio, lo sa bene. Il risultato, anche in questo caso, è sorprendente.

Abbiamo creato una linea di matite semplici da usare, con texture confortevoli sulla pelle e perfette da inserire nella routine quotidiana.

Le matite Gentleman sono quattro – matita barba e sopracciglia, matita nera eyeliner, matitone correttore e matitone balm trasparente –  con formule che le rendono pratiche e rapide da applicare. Tutte le formule sono vegan e certificabili Natrue, Cosmos Organic e CCPB.

matite viso HP-HA


The HP/HA line of face products is the result of over a year of research and trials.

Hyaluronic acid is often added in low percentages to prevent incompatibility issues in formulations. Thanks to our innovative technology, the Confalonieri line contains microspheres of hyaluronic acid. This makes it possible to add a higher percentage of HA without compromising stability. So the microspheres enable us to offer a dual effect.

Our HP/HA pencils combine make-up and skincare, thanks to the moisturising action of hyaluronic acid, giving an extremely pleasant feel to the skin. 

matita blush


We present our new 9×15.5 mm maxi-pencils with a blusher texture.

Why choose them?

Because we’ve created three shades with different base tones, to cater for every type of complexion. The result is a “bonne mine” effect that gives glowing colour to any skin.

Because the format and texture make our new blushers very easy to blend and mix, ideal for creating specific effects, but also for anyone who lacks perfect technique. 

Because thanks to a formula with a low pigment content, it’s easier to adapt application and create light and sophisticated shading, or more intense looks with brighter colours. 

These three newcomers combine perfectly with our highlighting concealers.


Matite viso blush
Matite viso bronze
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