Face pencils

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Creamy formulas, matt, pearled, velvety. These are just some of the features of the face pencils that CONFALONIERI has dedicated to the face. 

Correct, illuminate, emphasize, or cover: the possibilities are endless. The main aim is always the same: respect and pamper your skin, helping you creating the perfect base for your make-up.


Highlighter pencil
Our highlighter pencil is ideal for illuminating various areas of the face: eyes, cheekbones, lips… Easy to use and blend for a radiant and luminous face. It also enhances and highlights the eyes. A pencil, similar to that used for eyes, with a dense and highly pigmented consistency.

Concealer pencil: anti-dark circles/anti-cernes/anti-blemish
Our concealer – anti-dark circles, anti-cernes and camouflage pencil – is a cosmetic that can be used like a normal concealer, but allows a much more precise application, especially on the most critical areas such as visible capillaries, blemishes and imperfections.

Blush pencil
The pencil lead is soft, glides-on well and can be easily blended with fingers or a brush. The creamy texture moisturises and provides instant refreshment to the face.

Foundation pencil
You achieve a second-skin effect with this pencil. The formula of this innovative product is your best ally: high coverage, easy application and a creamy texture that loves your skin while keeping it healthy and moisturised.

Bronzer pencil
This pencil is the perfect product for brightening and highlighting eyebrows and contours of the face. You can create depth and dimension thanks to the ease of application. The warm matte effect of this product is ideal for adding a touch of definition and ensuring an overall flawless result.

Body balm pencil
Practically a skincare treatment that has the ease and versatility of applying make-up. The high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid is by no means enough, what makes the difference is the degree to which this precious ingredient is processed. CONFALONIERI MATITE has enhanced it by making the most of its properties.

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The HP/HA line of face products is the result of over a year of research and trials.

Hyaluronic acid is often added in low percentages to prevent incompatibility issues in formulations. Thanks to our innovative technology, the Confalonieri line contains microspheres of hyaluronic acid. This makes it possible to add a higher percentage of HA without compromising stability. So the microspheres enable us to offer a dual effect.

Our HP/HA pencils combine make-up and skincare, thanks to the moisturising action of hyaluronic acid, giving an extremely pleasant feel to the skin. 


We present our new 9×15.5 mm maxi-pencils with a blusher texture.

Why choose them?

Because we’ve created three shades with different base tones, to cater for every type of complexion. The result is a “bonne mine” effect that gives glowing colour to any skin.

Because the format and texture make our new blushers very easy to blend and mix, ideal for creating specific effects, but also for anyone who lacks perfect technique. 

Because thanks to a formula with a low pigment content, it’s easier to adapt application and create light and sophisticated shading, or more intense looks with brighter colours. 

These three newcomers combine perfectly with our highlighting concealers.


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