Eyebrow pencils

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An important focus point that adds intensity to a look. Filling, fixing, shaping, colouring, simple and fast actions thanks to CONFALONIERI eyebrow pencils. Eyebrows are one of the parts of the face that feel more the effects of time, this is why it is important to shape and take care of them with a daily make-up routine.


Eyebrow pencil
Our eyebrow pencil has an ultra-pigmented creamy texture for intensely coloured lines from the very first stroke. Glides on easily for perfect application. Does not smudge. Does not fade.

Eyebrow fixing and modelling pencil
The eyebrow fixing and modelling pencil is very useful for taming even the most unruly eyebrows, shaping them in a completely natural way. If you are in a hurry in the morning or travelling, this pencil is all you need for a defined, tidy arch in harmony with your make-up and the proportions of your face.

Eyebrow lifter pencil
With our eyebrow lifter pencil, getting the shape you want for your eyebrows has never been easier! Apply our eyebrow pencils and flaunt a super natural result!

Powdery eyebrow pencil
A powdery eyebrow pencil that, thanks to its “powdery” formula, provides a volumising finish for structured and even but super-natural-looking eyebrows.

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BROW BOOST, Turn up the volume!

Brow Boost is Confalonieri Cosmetics’ new pencil: convenient and easy to apply, it gives eyebrows a surprising boost with natural fibers.

Its formula is vegan and packed with ingredients that are gentle on your skin, making it a staple for flawless looks. Brow Boost creates definition and volume using natural cellulose fibers: we’ve added them to a smooth and creamy texture that’s easy and pleasant to apply.

You can get the boost effect simply by drawing small strokes, following the natural arch: your eyebrows get immediately fuller, volumised and defined. You can easily manage the intensity of Brow Boost, obtaining different effects in just a few seconds.

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The new natural wood eyebrow pencil, customisable in finish and accessories: the difference to traditional pencils is the gel formula with a special consistency, which becomes practically invisible once applied.

The result is a gel eyebrow pencil that guarantees long-lasting fixing, for both simple make-up and more elaborate looks, adding gloss and improving water resistance.

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One pencil, two souls. We have successfully combined two different functions in a single product. With Double Soul, your eyebrows will never be the same again.

The thick pencil end ensures a soft, powdery finish, while the fine pencil end gives a more precise, intense line. All it takes is one stroke to change your look and choose your preferred style, ready for the demands of the day or in line with your mood.

Double Soul is available in two shades, blond and brown: as ever, our R&D department can customise the product in accordance with the client’s needs. Step by step, we can decide together the combination of finish and detail to create your own Double Soul.


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