Dip Deep dives into colour: one pencil, 3 effects

Dip Deep: una matita tre effetti

One pencil, three effects, all the looks you can think of: say hello to Dip Deep, the new Confalonieri pencil that can be blended, used as an eyeliner or turned into a watercolour effect. Dip Deep rewrites the idea of makeup pencil with a wet&dry texture suitable for many different results, from a minimal makeup to editorial looks. The formula is vegan and gentle on the skin, in two timeless colours: black and brown.

Dry: a classic

When used dry, Dip Deep has an intense and blendable stroke, perfect to outline the eye or to create a shade of colour. It’s a classic eye contour/kajal pencil, suitable for minimal looks or as an element of a special makeup. The formula has a very high percentage of pigments, in a medium-hard extruded texture with a lot of high melting raw materials. The result is a strong and blendable colour, with excellent resistance to temperature.

Wet: eyeliner effect

Dipping the tip of the pencil in the water you can enhance the colour release, making the texture a bit smoother. Dip Deep then becomes an eyeliner, with an intense and precise stroke that can be used by itself or combined with the dry of the pencil. The colour release is extraordinary and the pencil keeps a great resistance to temperature.

Watercolour for an artistic makeup

Dip Deep can be applied and then “painted” with water, using it like a water-soluble crayon. In this version Dip Deep creates unusual colour effects, different from traditional make-up pencils: it’s perfect for an artistic makeup, combining it with classic pencils to create unique looks. Applied with water, the texture gives a great pigment release, with a colour layer that’s thinner and less greasy than other pencils.

Wet or dry, always gentle

Aesthetics and attention to the skin go hand in hand in our products, including Dip Deep – it has an ophthalmic test. The formula is vegan, using Rhus Succedanea Fruit Cera, a vegetable substitute of beeswax that has an emollient effect on the skin. Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative stress, while spherical silica gives a soft focus effect. The right dose of Kaolin guarantees the right firmness of the texture and has a purifying and bactericidal power.

If you want to dive into Dip Deep, write an email to commerciale@confaloniericosmetica.com: we’re ready to design your own wet&dry customised pencils!

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