Brow Boost turns up the volume on eyebrows!

A pencil to make your eyebrows full, well-defined and volumised? Say hello to Brow Boost, Confalonieri Cosmetics’ new pencil: convenient and easy to apply, it gives eyebrows a surprising boost with natural fibers. Its formula is vegan and packed with ingredients that are gentle on your skin, making it a staple for flawless looks.

Easy and amazing

Brow Boost creates definition and volume using natural cellulose fibers: we’ve added them to a smooth and creamy texture that’s easy and pleasant to apply. You can get the boost effect simply by drawing small strokes, following the natural arch: your eyebrows get immediately fuller, volumised and defined. You can easily manage the intensity of Brow Boost, obtaining different effects in just a few seconds.

Convenient and gentle

Brow Boost has a vegan formula enriched with natural fibers. The texture is rich in coconut oil, a natural balm for the skin: it’s soothing and nourishing, prevents dehydration and has an anti-aging effect. We also added vitamin E, a great antioxidant, and Gamma oryzanol to help protect the skin from oxidative stress and photo-aging. Along with these new natural fibers, we’ve added to the texture a pinch of an ingredient that we love: spherical silica, for a soft focus effect.

Focus on the eyebrows

We all know how important eyebrows are to enhance the natural beauty of the face and to create makeup looks. That’s why we created Brow Boost, the latest addition to our range of classic and innovative eyebrow pencils: we’ll mention Double Soul with its dual function, our gel pencil for a long-lasting fixing and of course the traditional eyebrow pencils with a hard texture, perfect to fill in the arch o to draw it.

Of course Brow Boost is 100% customisable, like all Confalonieri products: write to to learn about all the technical details… or come meet us at Cosmoprof!

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