Innovative, sustainable, fun: our best pencils in 2023

Innovative, sostenibili, divertenti: le matite “più” del 2023

Innovative formulas, uncompromising colours: in 2023 we turned our tradition into new pencils and lines, applying Confalonieri’s experience and expertise to the service of a desire to explore new possibilities. Of course we’re always loyal to our core principles: our pencils are manufactured with wood, entirely made in Italy since they’re designed and produced entirely in our factory in Gordona. We apply high quality standards and use raw materials and resources responsibly. Shall we see some of our highlights?

Essential, our green revolution

Let’s start with a pencil we’re really proud of: Essential. It’s a ultra-black eye pencil, certified by Cosmos organic, with an external finish in water-based BIO paints and a cape in Bio Base Compostable eco material. Essential is our most eco-friendly product of 2023: the result of years of research, colour intensity, quality and sustainability condensed in a pencil that marks the beginning of a true green revolution. Finalist at the Cosmoprof Awards, on our debut!

Technology makes you (more) beautiful

Natural mica is a traditional ingredient, but for the Pearl line we found a new way to use it. This highlighter contains pearls manufactured with a procedure that eliminates the white patina typical of mica, giving an extraordinary reflective effect. Definitely the brightest pencil of 2023, even more than our Diva pencils.
Then there’s Dip Deep, the most versatile eye pencil of the year with its wet&dry texture. When dry it works as an eyelid contour or kajal, if you dip the tip in water the pencil turns into an eyeliner, with ultra-intense colour release. Moreover, Dip Deep can be used like a watercolor crayon for unique editorial looks. The colours are the classic black and brown… for now: in the path of co-creation we can create custom shades.

Limitless colours

This year we really explored colours, in all directions. See Queen of Colours for reference: a line of long-lasting eye and lip pencils, certified up to 24 hours for eyes and 8 hours for lip pencils, with bright shades and a ultra-intense colour release. It really is a Queen of colours: the most intense together with Essential, the most resistant during the day.
The most elegant new product? Surely our Nuda line, a palette of nude lipsticks created with armocromia to suit all complexions and “seasons”. With warm or cool undertones, it adapts to each skin tone to enhance the natural beauty of each face.
What about the most fun product? Pop the Party, of course: a wet&dry texture with an exceptional colour release and a palette full of vibrant shades, pop art style. Pop the Party is inspired by the imagination of children and is perfect to create artistic looks, with a different range of effects compared to “usual” pencils. It’s versatile like Dip Deep but with a cheerful vibe, like an extravagant twin sister.

As always, every line is ready to become your pencil, getting 100% customised during our co-creation path. You can read more on our blog and if you need more detailed information you can write to Keep an eye on us in the coming months: we have a series of exciting news coming up!

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